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Walk away

As the sky breaks open

And the rain clouds wash away

The sodden streets

Between you and me

A thousand years have since gone
The wrinkles have
Trespassed the laugh lines
And turned into an unexplained longing
The fear of losing you
Is taken away by the north wind
And the unkissed letters
All huddled, stale
Tied up with an orange string
Lie in my secret drawer
I hope they never find a way to open it
Even when I am gone
We don’t look at each other
Even when we can
The furtive glances, once besotted
Are now all frozen across
The time cloaked wall
I don’t feel anything
I have a life
So different,
You are different too
We both are worldly wise
Know, just when to stop talking
Move on with the lives
We chose
Over so many others
Yet you turn back
One last time
As I do too
We smile, promise to become strangers
And walk away
Towards another lifetime
Promise to lose and mingle
Our patched souls
In the white lie
-Rianka Bose Saha
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