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Reading between the lines
And where the lines
Do not even exist
Blurred by exhaustion
And trampled by unmet desires
And yet you trudge on
Trying to decipher
The pregnant pauses
That stretch
Beyond the horizon
Of possible and impossible
Like dark clouds
That simmer with rain
Yet, leave a desert in their wake
You sit and imagine
The unicorns of tomorrow
Poking their heads from underneath
The pages crinkled and soggy
Yet the lines delude you
The whole book, inscrutable
Hiding stories, unasked questions
About things, you never knew

You ponder about the journey
From strangers to soulmates
To strangers again
The bitter sweet feeling of transient love
You want to walk back
And take away that glad smile
When you had just met
Instead turn away and flee
Flee this feeling of rotten words
Poured through your eyes
Like acid rain
Burning your innards, with aplomb
Clawing with vengeance
At the foolishness
Of wanting to be loved
Just as you are
And the mocking bird laughs
A full throttled laugh of camouflaged pain

-Rianka Bose Saha

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