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Staying at one place
Birds and bees
Making nests deep inside you
Knowing that
You will never go

But do they really know
How long you will stay?
You could pick up your bags
And walk off
With nowhere to go
But the bags, they lie unpacked
And you ponder
What you shall fill them up with?

A few memories, pictures
Clothes to cover your rootlessness
Shoes that talk about wanderlust
That’s all?

What about the person you were,
When your feet were bound
Would you take her too ?
And would you leave a space for lost love
That which, you couldn’t keep ?

You could fill them all up
But the bags would be too heavy
They have limitations you see,
The baggage although extraordinary,
It’s only a limited amount of it
You can carry
When you finally want to fly!

-Rianka Bose Saha

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