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10 years from now

Do not look back in anger

For the past never stays the same

Over the years 

When you remember 

You would seldom remember the pain

It will be washed away with time

Only a regret perhaps

Shall leave a stain

Of what could have been

Making you nostalgic and teary eyed 

But past never changes, you would wonder

And I will nudge you gently to remember 

Your first heartbreak

Do you remember the details now or the pain? 

Or just the regret of not knowing better or sooner?

Where did the anger go?


Do not sit and wonder 

At what could have been

Because you are not the same person anymore 

Nor is the pain worth your time 


But do not look back in anger

It’s addictive I agree 

But don’t let the hot coal burn you through

And for your own sake, let go of your past

Let go and move on with love

Forgive yourself for not knowing what to do

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