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Story of a broken mirror,

that lay lost in my attic

Many a moons ago

It had told stories about me

When I had looked for answers,

Was I pretty?

Do my freckles look nice and all in order?

The mirror would silently look back

And I would wonder

Would pink suit me or the golden yellow


Befuddled mind of mine

But it would always tell me

And I would know


A mirror it was

Still many a times

I would talk to it,

Talk to the broken girl inside after a storm

I could always cheer her up, you see

But then I outgrew the need to know

How I looked, how I smiled


And the mirror, perhaps found out too

So one day

I found it broken

Million pieces of shards

Reflecting bits of me

and memories

Was it ok that I had let it go ?


I look for it amidst the rubble

of yesterday

I need to look at it now

For I have erred in believing

that I know all

Where in fact my mirror knows

That my pride broke

Before the fall


And then I find it

And I look into the mirror, again

My broken window to the world

And my long lost friend

But I don’t see my reflection there, anymore

It is as though, my angels have

all given up on me

And then,

out of the dark gilted frame,

my demons smile back

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