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When the world was too small

And I would open my  eyes

Your eyes would always gather me up

My soul would surmise


You would call me a thousand names

Each sweeter than the last

And I grew up in the warmth

of your shadow cast


You stay here forever

In the wretched heart of mine

I have done nothing much

To deserve a love so divine


You know what I like,

what makes me sad

What cheers up my heart

What makes my heart glad


It seldom happens

That I need to define

How your heart is entangled

With the inroads of mine


I love you for your patience

Because I am sometimes so lost

The sun does not warm me

And hopes are dazed  by the frost


But you still cheer me up

With your dazzling old smile

I wish I could be just like you

Oh! Sweet mother of mine

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