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I was born nameless

No words of my own

But everyone felt the need 

To have a name for me

It would give me an identity 

Something to hold onto

Weave together memories

Make me stand out in the crowds 

But then all I ever wanted to do 

Was blend in

My name would reach before me

To places unknown 

Sometimes specifying my religion

Sometimes my intentions

Never would I be separated from it

But could it ever define me?


If I told you it means nothing

My name has no reason 

Just a whim, perhaps

A pinch of my past, 

mingling with my present

How would you know the difference?

Would you love me a bit more

Or hate me with all your might?

Would you pour out a truckload of sympathy

Or make me a conundrum of your eyes?

What’s in a name, I would chime

And yet, you wouldn’t stop asking

Everyone needs a tag, you would quip

And love, that would make me so mad

So I invent a fib, feed you some lies

Chalk out a meaning just for your kind eyes


And now, I guess you would be surely impressed 

After all you have a woman, who definitely knows

The importance of a name. 


*My mum loved the name so much she made up in her mind that she decided to keep it 

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