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Scribbles in my diary

A love note to myself

When am engulfed, in unsolicited storms

I write a few lines about the weather, to start on a good note

Don’t really know the person

The stranger, that I will be

A stranger, I haven’t met yet

What would I look like?

A few more freckles, frowns of missing a book or two, borrowed from my library ?

I think about the love, I crave for unfathomable

My wish to wake up

Next to you, every morning

Your breath, warm against my skin

Your fingers curled up against my nape

Your scent, buried within fragments of my soul

My thoughts, entwined with your troubles

Pledges of ever afters, whispered, In pure ecstasy

But, I know, love seldom lingers that long

This love note, scribbled in too much hurry

Hidden next to my pillow, waiting to be found, the day love or a notion of it,

Walks out and glacial winds kiss, the tepid waters of memory

-Rianka Bose Saha

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