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#Gone Girl

Days of paradise and days of hell

Am this and much more

And everyday in between as well

Somedays am the empty coffee cup inmidst of the torrential rain

And sometimes, the overflowing seams of yesterday’s pain

Forbidden laughter hidden, behind your day old stubble

Or a bijou hidden under layers of rubble

The forgotten kiss, of a moonlit night

And the crumpled bedsheet, of yesterday’s fight

I am this and much more and yet you ask?

Am the sagging breasts of diluted hope

The ravaged hips of days, when I couldn’t cope

Am a believer left to bleed and feed on my own faith

Sometimes a tyrant, zealous for a new born  hate

Am this and much more and yet you ask?

Am a drunkard, my body craves for toxicity inane

I write verses, when the world sleeps in disdain

I seldom stop, I seldom breathe

My pillaged body wrapped in a glittering sheath

I abhor non chalance, just too damningly humane

Spare me the disquiet, I roar and silently scream in vain

My heart wails for the girl I was, before the world poured in

Bleached my shadow and goaded a juxtapose of love and blaspheme

She is buried deep down and her epitaph reads

A pair of blue eyes and an unmet dream

-Rianka Bose Saha

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