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#Cluttered #Junk Mail

Cluttered workspace

And mind

Junk mail overflow

Do not have

Time to slow

I try and ring back order

But it escapes just like that

My heart hanging on

Insanity’s border


I shout and scream

Breeze plays with my hair

I have been here too long

Trying to control

But now, I just don’t care

My heart bleeds blue

Perhaps the anger overwhelms

I try put on more layers

But its everywhere

My breath is caught

Betwixt heaven and hell


I run out of my house

knock on your door,

But you aren’t there anymore

My mailbox glows

Whilst I wait

For you to drive back

‘You have just won a billion dollars,

Mail us details’

The junk mail screams

I push up my lost hopes

It’s nothing

A dark voice gloats

For once

I don’t pay heed

And fall asleep on your stairs

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