Poetry Nook

#Finding Love

What do those

Rustic pages hold for you?

I can see,

A bookmark peeping through,

Handpainted ?

Why do you always carry it

In that rumpled brown bag of yours?


There, I see a tear glistening

A storm brews in

But ah! that smile

How do you do that

Even when you are falling apart?

Because you seem

So fragile

Yet something firmer than steel

Shines through your eyes

Tell me about the book

Teach me how to read it,

Decipher its words

He muses


I smile back demurely

I will tell you all someday, my love

But here hold this book for me, I say

All may not be well

But our hearts

Would still find a way

I found you

When I wasn’t even looking

Let love find us too

And take us away

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