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#Waiting for Rains

The sun sears

through my closed eyes

My parched throat

Looking for the elixir

That gives life

I look up in the sky

The yellow ball of fire


Unforgiving and seething with anger

Looks back


I am walking on a barren land

The greens have all escaped

Is there a heaven for them too, somewhere?

I wonder and my tired eyes look for a sliver of shade

Where my own shadow has betrayed


I pray to the gods that be

I pray and my war battered hands shake

I wanted to pray for rains

Instead I pray for forgiveness


I keep walking

With a blistered soul

And then I see you far away

My mind warns me of mirages…

In this open wounded desert, how can you ever be?

But then you are the only thing I ever wanted,

So I give in to the tempest brewing in,

And out of nowhere

The rain clouds gather

Drenching me

Quenching my thirst

Seeping in through the cracks

The sun god made,

As I am rendered homeless

If your eyes were ever to betray

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