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For, I have traveled

Far and wide

With strangers and friends

By my side

One thing I have found is this

Home is where

the heart is


Neither the mountains

Nor the streams

Or the darkness

And moonlight

None makes me

wake warm and bright

As the mellow

from my own windows bright


I keep falling in love

With the sea waves

And ravines

Walk on mountains

where dewdrops shine

Yet the charm of home,

Shall make me pine

For mother’s love

And her happy smile


For a cozy bench

Bathed in sunshine

For the garden birds

Their chirps galore

I soak all in

I feel at peace

My mind feels whole

And am at ease


A reading nook

A slow cooked meal

A sense of well being

And problems cease

All my life I waited for this

Home is where, my heart is

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