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Look at yourself and me …

Do we have a match?

You look like a glitter just exactly as beautiful as a star filled night..

And see me , I am just an ordinary looking lassie ….

That day when you said “be mine” since then you know, i have not been able to close my eyes …

What if  i go for a content and blissful sleep  and wake up with a dreadful broken heart …

Its a dream for me sweet love

I don’t want to be awaken, shaken and broken ….

Hence, i choose not to choose yes as an option ….



You can choose not to choose my proposal, Bonnie Lass…

If words can change you mind at all…

I would just say …

I looked inside you and saw your soul…..

I have roamed the world and encountered such beauties but end of the story was their mortified hearts…..

No-one knows about them and what they have done but deep inside them ….

They know it all….

And then I saw you few days back by the river side ….

Your song told all about your child like heart ….

Your smile showed your innocent  inside….

You walked with a grace…

You talked with free spirit….

You gave most of the water that you fetched from far …

I looked at you while you were long gone ….

And felt your presence  like a pious God….

I looked all over for a golden heart  and here here…

I found one in this pretty looking lass….

I feel dreadful for stopping your way…

Never wanted to let you go with out telling …

All that’s Inside….

Its just a glimpse  of what I have for you …

But who am I to make you choose , what you choose…

But I would always be happy to have a Pretty rather then a Beautiful co-companion.

Because Prettiness is all about inside…..


Antara Bose

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