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My fingers tap

On vibrant screen aglow

And yet the romantic in me

Yearns for something written

Painstakingly with busy hands

That seldom have time to pause


I crave for the smell

of a folded letter

The creases telling many a tale

They tell me if you were in a hurry

Or you had time to smile

As it was swallowed by the envelope

Mentioning my name


Sometimes the letter would be the colour of love

They were simple letters

Simpler words

Yet many a nights

I slept

Holding them close to my heart


Now when I tap

On this strange screen

I watch impatiently

If you have even read

What I wrote

Looking for the elusive blue tick

Validating your presence

In my life


How shall I preserve

These moments so precious

Life doesn’t always have

A ready back up

And all I would miss then

Is holding these bits of me and you

Spelt on blank sheets of paper

And the wait for months on end

For just a few lines from you

That the war is over, love

And you are coming home

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