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The Walls in my home have a thousand tales to confess

My little princess thinks of them as her personal canvas

Whenever the mood strikes, she attacks them as if she means business

It started out with one small little scratch and now its simply endless

Her choice of weapons are varied and many

If not a brush, there’s a pile of crayons she keeps ready

Or the much dreaded sketches or the even messier water paints

My scolding seems to have no effect on her, neither do my pleas or complaints

Her colorful mural almost extends from the floor to roof

One look at it and you ll know who rules our roost

On good days, her dramatic artwork does look fascinating

There are colorful handprints, haphazard smileys & much weird scribbling

There’s not a color in the spectrum that she has missed

Even the murky Browns & inky Blacks fail to derail her artistic tryst

Since I couldn’t stop her, I have decided to join in on the fun

After all, childhood is precious & walls can always be redone

Now the walls in our home bear both of our creative outpourings

But whenever anyone asks, it is always absolutely her doings

By Ramya Nair

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